Hello! I’m thrilled you’ve found Expansive Expressions – Coaching, Consulting, and Creating. My name is Jennifer Alumbaugh, she/they, and I am your host and facilitator. In this space you will find an array of opportunities to connect with community, explore your identity, and become a little more yourself!

I am a queer, Autistic, ADHD, fat, gender expansive, disabled person who experiences various advantages of existing in a white body.

As an Abolitionist Life Coach and Consultant, I work from a trauma-informed, lived-experience, liberation-rooted framework helping clients identify and deconstruct the teachings of oppressive systems that create obstacles to their growth. Together, we co-create new systems of collective care, joy, and thriving!

I love helping visionaries liberate themselves from systemic binaries so they can flourish in their purpose.

I facilitate space for curiosity, wonder, and growth. I offer support circles, one-on-one coaching, and lived-experience consultation on topics such as: Grief, LGBTQI2S Identity, Deconstructing from Religion, Neurodivergent Affirming Identity, Worthiness, Self Acceptance and Love, Realizing Dreams, and more!

While many of the programs I offer are excellent supplements to professional mental health care, the circles and coaching I provide are not therapy. After 15 years of working as a licensed complex trauma psychotherapist, I am stepping away from my role of licensed clinician and into a role of lived-experience, peer support Coach, Consultant, and Artist.

As I continue the work of abolition and dismantling white body supremacy, I continue to find challenges in maintaining the traditional norms of the field of licensed psychotherapy in terms of the rates of police violence upon people experiencing mental health crisis especially when the person in crisis is Black or Brown; and operating under an ableist, medical model that is pathologizing of so many normal responses to systemic oppression and violence.

Photo of Jennifer, a person in a fat, white body, standing with their hands on their hips, smiling at the camera. She is standing in front of a galaxy background wearing teal glasses and a light purple shirt that reads, “Honor and pay for the labor of women of color.” by Nalgona Positivity Pride

Additionally, in the state of Texas, as conservative laws continue to attack human rights, I as a provider of gender-affirming care and resources for reproductive justice, would continue to be at risk of actions against my license that would prevent me from continuing serving my clients. I am for sure NEVER going to stop the work of protecting queer and trans kids or helping targeted identities access care they need.

So, in order to continue living and working within my trans-affirming, repro-justice, anti-racist, human rights values, I am stepping away from my work as a licensed clinician, and stepping into my role as a lived-experience peer support Abolitionist Life Coach and Consultant. I am transitioning to this model of lived-experience peer support to reach a broader community, to increase access to support, and to continue working in alignment with my values around abolition, anti-racism, deconstruction, and decolonizing. I am excited to find new ways to connect with others in communities of care (vs. focusing on individual self-care) because I believe that together, we thrive, and together we have a remarkable capacity to create abundance.

When I’m not holding space to grow and care with others, I am taking naps with my trusty side-kick, Akesa, Doggess of the Healing Process; making a mess in my art studio; trying to psyche myself up to do some chores; or outside looking at the Moon and listening to the Wind.

Akesa, Doggess of Healing, is a mostly yellow dog with grey around her neck, and black on the tips of her floppy ears. She is laying on a teal chair with her mouth open, smiling, looking off camera. She is wearing a multicolor mermaid pattern bowtie

Education and Experience:



  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Texas & California since 2016
    • Both licenses are in good standing, current, and are inactive; expiration: 5/2024
    • Complex Trauma Specialist since 2007
  • Master of Science: Marriage and Family Therapy – Fuller School of Psychology; Pasadena, CA
  • Bachelor of Arts: Theology – Calvin College; Grand Rapids, MI
Outside the bounds of white body supremacy*, lived-experience is a highly respected credential; there is no greater expert on a subject than a person with embodied experience.
“White body supremacy” is a concept created and taught by Resmaa Menakem.
Image id: earth tone shades of brown, tan, and peach in various abstract shapes. In the center is an abstract circle with the text in the caption in light beige font.

Curious? I’d love to chat more about my work and am especially interested in building community with other licensed professionals to collectively process through the idea of divesting from licensure and what a different future might look like!

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