An 8-week solidarity circle for those who have come into their LGBTQI2S identity in adulthood / later in life; live circle held over Zoom.

There are unique joys, challenges, and realities to navigate for those of us who did not have the safe space or freedom to know ourselves fully at a young age.

In this solidarity circle we will offer support for each other, share “me too”s, co-create a brave space to be curious about ourselves. We will hold space for the grief that comes with lost or stolen years. We will celebrate our new lives, share resources, get creative, and work to deconstruct internalized narratives of harm.

Circle is held live, virtually, over Zoom, and is open to anyone globally; circle is facilitated in English; and scheduled in Central Standard Time or GMT -06:00.

Next cycle begins: Thursday June 2, 2022 from 3:00pm-4:30pm CST/GMT-06:00 through July 21st.

Click here to register in Full for $375 – this is the full price of the entire 8 weeks paid in full up front

Click here to register at $25/week rate – Limited slots; Preference for Community Care slots will go to BIPOC, queer, trans, and nonbinary participants

Click here to register at $50/week rate – This level is the foundational fee that covers the cost of running this group

Click here to register at $75/week rate – This level is for those with a little extra abundance to share which helps support Community Care members 

Email Jennifer at for more info.