An 8-week death positive, curiosity circle for those wanting a non-judging space to explore ideas, beliefs, questions, and fears around death and dying held over Zoom.

What does it mean to be Death Positive? What is a Death Doula? Are natural burials still a thing? How do I make sustainable arrangements for after my death? Why do people think talking about death is morbid? All these questions and more will be open for exploration in this space inspired by the Death Cafe events that are held worldwide.

This is NOT a grief support group, though participants are welcome do discuss their experiences with death and the process. This is also a non-religious space, in that, we don’t hold any one belief as “the” belief about what happens or doesn’t after death. We hold open, inclusive, and respectful space for death rituals, ceremonies, and beliefs from all faiths and cultural identities.

Next cycle begins: Wednesday June 1, 2022 from 3:00pm-4pm CST/GMT-06:00 through July 20th.

Click here to register in Full for $375 – this is the full price of the entire 8 weeks paid in full up front

Click here to register at $25/week rate – Limited slots; Preference for Community Care slots will go to BIPOC, queer, trans, and nonbinary participants

Click here to register at $50/week rate – This level is the foundational fee that covers the cost of running this group

Click here to register at $75/week rate – This level is for those with a little extra abundance to share which helps support Community Care members 

Email Jennifer at for more info.