I have been collecting a number of Neurodivergent resources and thought that it’s about time I shared them with you before I lose track of them 🙂

There is a new telehealth Primary Care medical practice that is Neurodivergent-Centered & Affirming called Hopper Health available in I think 5 states currently with plans to expand to the entire US. A friend of mine just had their first appointment with them and felt so seen, heard, taken seriously, and had such a positive experience over all!

Along those lines, NeuroSpark Health is a new virtual telemental health practice serving neurodivergent adults with Autism and ADHD assessments, coaching, and therapy. I have connected with both the founders and love their energy and vision. They are neurodivergent, queer-affirming and virtually available in I think around 35 states with plans to expand to all 50 US states.

If you are a writer looking to turn that someday into today, check out the 12month writing incubator Caitlin Fisher offers through their Working Title Cohort program that includes online community, live coaching, 90day writing challenges, accountability, frameworks, and more! They are an amazing writer and coach in addition to being neurodivergent!! Win-win-win 🙂 They are accepting applications right now for the next cohort–don’t snooze on this chance to get your first or next book written!

Are you an LGBTQIA2S business looking for a Social Media Manager and Virtual Assistant? I recommend Nix Song, the Cozy Queer Assistant! They are amazing at supporting not only the ongoing upkeep of social media content, but generating new leads, supporting your launches, and keeping the action happening in your online spaces so you can stay doing your magic in your zone of genius.

Could your BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S, neurodivergent business use a refresh on your content marketing and brand-building? Look no further than Pancake Copy Cats founded by Kitty Garcia. Head over to their page and pick your stack: 🥞 Podcast editing; YouTube video editing; Copywriting & editing ; Email marketing; Content management; Social media management ; Community management.

Two other resources that have come across my feed lately are FLOWN – an app that offers on-demand deep focus co-working sessions; and Goblin Tools an AI tool that can do things like organize your brain dumps, create step breakdowns of tasks, other cool executive functioning supports. I haven’t used either, but have heard rave reviews by others who have used them.

Did you catch my latest blog on what I call the Neurodivergent Time + Energy Paradox? If not, you can read it here! And if you are interested in a more extended discussion with practicle tools you can practice, check out the replay of my Replenish Masterclass from April 28th.

If you havne’t ordered it already, I encourage you to pick up your own set of Tricia Hersey’s Rest Deck (she’s the founder of The Nap Ministry) and her work on deconstructing the hustle & grind culture of white supremacy and capitalism is absolutely in alignment with cultivating a neurodefiant life 🙂


What tools, resources, and services have you been using that have been game changers for you in protecting your time and energy?

What challenges have been coming up for you in strategizing your schedule to protect your time and energy?  I can help you with this!

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