Bringing NeuroInclusion to Executive Consulting & Business Coaching 

Equipping late-identified Neurodivergent, HSP, and Autistic-ADHD founders, executives, leaders, and professionals in building sustainable and prosperous businesses & careers.

Mental Health Therapist Directories

My all time #1 go-to directory is Inclusive Therapists. It allows you to search specific areas like Therapist Identity, Insurance, Language, Areas of Experience, Therapy Modality (like EMDR, IFS, etc).

Crisis Support

In keeping with abolitionist practices, I do not provide crisis resources that use police or 9-1-1 responders due to the often violent, traumatic, and sometimes deadly response that occurs, especially for Black and Indigenous people.

Trans Lifeline

Other Community Crisis Support by TransLifeline

US Call Blackline:

Fireside Project: Psychedelic Peer Support

Additional Resources

Check below for information in support of queer, trans, nonbinary, BIPOC, disabled, Autistic, ADHD, fat/body neutral, and other intersectional identities.

Neurodivergent Job Searches:

    • Specialisterne – Matching Seekers with ND Employers
    • Mentra – Neurodiversity Employment Network

Neurodivergent Healthcare

Entrepreneurship Resources

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