Ember 1


You’ve been shouldering the weight of everyone’s expectations

of decisions that impact others

of a system that has failed you over

and over

and over…


You’ve carried on

way past empty

way past running on fumes

way past what you

or anyone
or should


You feel the light fading

the smoke is thickening

it’s hard to see the way forward

wondering if there is any part of you left

after giving

and giving

and giving…

There’s something heavier than lead weighing you down.  A sigh from the deeps.  Eyelids hover heavy.

Just there.  A faint flicker…                             

Ember 4

We are facing an endemic of burnout among women and LGBTQIA2S Leaders, Directors, Deans, and Executives.

When we reach out…if we reach out…

Society chimes in with a chorus of “do more self care!”

but here’s the thing

Burnout is a systemic wound and systemic harm cannot be tended by the self alone.

We need collective care.


Welcome to Ember,


          a space of respite, replenishing, and renewal.


A note from our founder:

I’m alchemizing my 15+ years as a complex systems-trauma specialist and my 25+ years as a leader, organizer and space-holder to present a transformative, neuroinclusive, and liberatory guided process around burnout.

Burnout is spreading like wild-fire and my pattern-recognition brain is seeing the matrix of it all.

We are losing too many brilliant, innovative, intersectional, change-makers to the physical and psychological dangers of systemic burnout.

I have to respond.

Holding space to process and move through the experience in a psychologically safe, lived-experience-centered, neuroinclusive environment is what I have to offer.

The medicinal “me too”s that come with collective tending are what I have to offer.

Deep listening is what I have to offer.

Ember 3

I chose the imagery of an ember because even when all seems destroyed and devastated


there remains

a glowing ember.

And with some tending, the right environment, more oxygen

a spark reignites.


Ember is not a cure for burnout.

It is a space for you to be heard, be witnessed, be tended.


You don’t have to be strong here.

You don’t have to carry anyone else here.

You get to just….be.

Ember is currently being offered as a beta-test 3-month cohort program

We are looking for 6-8 beta tester members to experience this process and share feedback as we continue developing the program.

Our initial cohort begins February 2024.

🎯This is for you if:

      • You are 35 years and older
      • You are a woman and/or LGBTQIA2S
      • You are a seasoned Leader, Director, Executive, C-Suite, Dean, etc.
      • You’re entering or already in burnout
      • You’re newly identified, are curious about, or have been exploring neurodivergence

🫂The program is a 3-month cohort structure including:

      • Weekly 1:1 listening sessions
      • 6 collective care circles with your cohort
      • Weekly body doubling/co-working
      • Private online community


      • 1-2 hours/week live sessions
      • Filling out burnout inventory and end-of-program feedback survey
      • $1,785 in full (no-penalty payment plans available)


It’s your turn.

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