Bringing NeuroInclusion to Executive Consulting & Business Coaching 

Equipping late-identified Neurodivergent, HSP, and Autistic-ADHD founders, executives, leaders, and professionals in building sustainable and prosperous businesses & careers.

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Podcasts, Interviews, and Talk Shows

Atypical Parenting :: by Dawn Tree, NPP

January 6, 2023: Autism and the Workplace

Conversations About Adult ADHD :: by Amber Price founder of ADHD Creatively

October 14, 2022: EP #8: Mindset, Boundaries, and ADHD

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Articles, Guest Blogs, and Collaborations with Journalists

What Are Some Disadvantages Of Setting Goals? (According To Experts), by Jonathan Davis of Productive Living Tips

March 30, 2023: Click here for article

What Does ‘Goblin Mode’ Say About Our Collective Mental Health? by Mira Miller for VerywellHealth

December 9, 2022: Click here for article

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Conferences & Speaking Engagements

Strategies for Organizational Design for ADHD Entrepreneurs

April 10, 2023: Guest Speaker for Women Who Soar Masters Community by Dora Rankin

Who Told You, You COULDN’T? :: Virtual Summit 2023 by Demitria Buie

January 15, 2023: Keynote Speaker

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To contact Jennifer about booking an interview, contributing to an article, guesting on a podcast or other collaboration, please email her at: jennifer @ ExpansiveExpressions . com

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