NeuroInclusion Accessibility Consulting, Training, and Speaking

Working with Businesses and Organizations to Enhance Belonging, Burnout Prevention, and your Bottom Line.


Entrepreneurship.  Connection.  Opportunity.

Neurodivergent-centered Business & Mindset Coaching.



Imagine with me, for a moment…

You attend a networking experience that is nourishing, replenishing, and easy.

You belong to a community where you get to be you–your whole, wonderful, expansive, neurodivergent self.

Your ideas and innovation are valued, affirmed, and supported.

You find professionals who are neurodivergent, speaking a similar language and brains vibing on similar wavelengths.

You recieve a wealth of resources for your business and your career that are created by and for neurodivergent folx.

You meet other professionals and entrepreneurs who are radically committed to liberation, anti-oppression, and accessibility. 


Welcome to the new standard. 


Welcome to a new culture. 


Welcome to your community.


Welcome, to the NeuroDefiant Collective.


Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’re an adult who is exploring your neurodivergence or you have come into your Autistic/ADHD identity in adulthood.

You’ve worked a bunch of different jobs, roles, industries and nothing seems like a right fit.

Or maybe you found a fantastic role but the workplace culture was not inclusive.

Or maybe the role and the workplace culture were amazing but the company was just not willing to accommodate your needs and so that employer was inaccessible.

And maybe you’ve turned to entrepreneurship, self-employment, or contract work in order to give yourself the flexibility and accommodations you need but you don’t exactly resonate with all the teachings around marketing and hustle & grind culture.

Maybe you’ve been longing to experience belonging; for a community where you can learn, grow, and connect with others like you…but past experiences and/or the fear of not fitting, or having to mask, or doing a ton of emotional labor, or sacrificing time you could be engaging in your passion projects, just keeps you stuck.

I hear you.

Peopleing can be exhausting.


And sometimes, you find YOUR people, and they give you life!


Because here is truth that I NEED you to know in your bones:

It’s not your fault.


The inaccessible workplace, the exclusive culture, the feeling of alienation, the coaching to “correct/teach soft skills,” the difficulty with communication, the messaging of too-muchness, the distrust of group spaces…It is not your fault.

The root of all of this pain we have survived are systems of oppression and the myth of The One Right Way perpetuated by the dominant culture.


I created the NeuroDefiant Collective after listening to so many clients, creators on social media, and neurodivergent thought leaders lament the lack of business resources specifically designed for neurodivergent entrepreneurs and professionals.

I created this Group Coaching program out of my own desire for guidance for business-building that aligns with my brain and my values.

I created this space because I am tired of seeing such grim statistics about how many Autistic and ADHD people are unemployed or underemployed; I’m discouraged by the sheer volume of women and gender expansive-owned businesses not surviving beyond the first couple of years; and I am all the way done with old white men having all the financial power, access, and leverage.

Are you ready for another option?


I am transforming culture for all of us late-identified & exploring Autistic and ADHD entrepreneurs.


I am gathering and creating the resources and support systems we need to help us thrive.


I am building places–designed by us and for us–where we can learn how to start, sustain, and scale our businesses, neurodivergently.


I want us all to have more easeful, gentle, and fulfilling lives.



The NeuroDefiant Collective is a 12-month Group Coaching program for late-identified and exploring Autistic & ADHD entrepreneurs and professionals.


Here’s what’s packed inside the NeuroDefiant Collective Group Coaching Program:

    • Weekly live group Business/Mindset Coaching calls each month
    • On-demand video lessons
    • Library of recorded coaching calls
    • Private Online Community space
    • Custom Downloads & Practices
    • Annual pass to Liberate Your Mindset
    • Weekly Co-working / body-doubling sessions
    • Networking NeuroDefiantly events
    • Guest Speakers
    • Monthly social support circle
    • Opportunity to beta test & have early access to brand new app I am building
    • Access to a collective of entrepreneurs and professionals to brainstorm with, to market research, to share offers, and more!
    • A community of like-brained entrepreneurs & professionals to build, heal, grow, and connect with

Total Value*: $3,970/month; $47,640/year

*Value refers to the investment / cost of my time, training, knowledge, lived-experience, emotional labor, and innovation. 

YOUR Investment: 

    •  Platinum Tier
      • $497/monthly
      • $5,964/annual
    • Gold Tier
      • $347/monthly
      • $4,164/ annual
    • Diamond Tier
      • $247/monthly
      • $2,964/annual

I offer a tiered investment structure that accounts for various class and financial realities inspired by the Wort + Cunning Apothecary Sliding Scale model.

Click here to learn more about the NeuroDefiant Collective fee scale.

Members may join at any time; NeuroDefiant Collective Group Coaching access will extend 12 months from date contract is signed.

Referral Program:

    • For each registered member who refers a friend who completes registration, BOTH will receive a free 30min 1:1 coaching session with Jennifer
    • Example: If a member refers 4 people who all join, each of the 4 friends get one (1), 30min 1:1 coaching session and the referring member gets four (4), 30min 1:1 sessions.
    • If you are referred, be sure to include the name of the member who you referred on your intake survey!

Group Coaching Topics Include:

    • Business Essentials
    • NeuroDefiant Marketing
    • Covering your Assets w/ Legal Protections
    • Worthiness
    • Building your Audience
    • Pricing your Products & Services
    • Burnout-proofing Your Business
    • Hiring Staff
    • Systems & Strategies
    • Surfacing your Strengths
    • Money Mindset
    • Practicing Visibility
    • Creating Sustainability
    • Transparency in Business
    • Networking Neurodivergently
    • Embracing Expansiveness
    • Leveraging Your Amazing Brain
    • Business start-up/Scale to next level
    • and Much More!!




“You’ve created something so powerful here, Jennifer, in this neurodivergent-centered space. You know there is an art and science of facilitating group space and some people have the science down, you create both.

This space feels “emotionally clean.” Like I don’t have to do any extra emotional labor to be present and I don’t feel depleted after. Usually I would come away from groups like this and literally replay in a photographic memory the whole thing, hoping that I was empathic enough, hoping that I was compassionate enough, hoping that I check the neurotypical boxes and behave as expected—all unconsciously. And with this group, when my brain started to do all that it just kind of fizzled out, because I’m aware of the shared neurodivergent experience among us here.

And this is actually a group where I can show myself as is, and it’s ok, I’m enough. And that’s really powerful.”




My vision for the NeuroDefiant Collective is only the very beginning of my dream scheme for transforming culture for late-identified and exploring Autistic / ADHD entrepreneurs and professionals.

“I can’t tell you how freeing it is to realize I’m coming into a neurodivergent affirming and run space where I don’t have to mask or write scripts or censor myself…I love it here and we haven’t even begun day 1 yet!”

Group Coaching Client

“It’s amazing!!!! Thank you for creating such an affirming and magical space for people to be their amazing, authentic selves! 😍”
Jae Mira

“Jennifer the fact that you are so vulnerable and transparent about your process and entrepreneurship journey emboldens me, and gives me permission to break out of perfection paralysis. Thank you!!!”

Group Coaching Client

Why an application process?

The brief application process allows me to guage an applicant’s commitment level to this 12-month group coaching program and community.

It also allows me to screen folx for those who are truly aligned with the core values of the neurodivergent ecosystem we are co-creating.

This is not meant to be an exclusionary process, just an informative process for everyone involved.  It is central to my business practices to be consent-based and provide clients with all they need to make an informed decision about their investments.




The Structure

The NeuroDefiant Collective is the largest of the group coaching and community spaces I have created.

There are 3 weekly live coaching calls a month with 1 week off for implementation and self-paced exercises.  Each quarter, we will have a Networking Neurodivergently event that may include small breakout group sessions, guest speakers, and professional development.  Each live event is recorded and will be posted in the course materials for re-watch on demand.

These weekly coaching sessions will be a combination of smaller group breakouts and Question & Discovery time.  This is the space where we work through our mindset barriers, our business challenges, and grow through the process

There will be pre-recorded video lessons available in the online space as well ranging in topics from business essentials, marketing neurodivergently, to mindset matters and how to clear out the mind trash!

Along with the lessons will be workbooks and exercises designed to get you thinking, visioning, and grounding in your goals.

The private online community space has a community feed  where members can share wins, goals, challenges, ask questions, exchange resources, post memes, and cheer each other on.

We ALL have valuable things to offer each other.  I find that having opportunities to teach what we have learned helps us synthesize the materials and as building communities of collective care is central to my mission, it is another way for entrepreneurs to build their network.

I have designed this as a 12-month program so you may have an opportunity to engage with all the material as much as needed.  The online community serves as a central hub of relationship building and resource sharing, and in my personal experience of coaching programs, while 1 year can seem like a long time, with the realities of life it goes by in a flash! 

Additionally, some clients may choose to renew their investment in the space after 12months to continue reaping the transformative benefits of this space. 


The App

In 2022 I began building an app that will serve our community of neurodefiant entrepreneurs and professionals in 3 ways:

      • Create profiles for business and/or services and opportunties to connect with neurodivergent colleagues and businesses
      • Be a resource for both members and those outside the directory to easily find neurodivergent staff to hire, to find providers like doctors, dentists, and therapists, and to find neurodivergent-affirming employers to work for
      • House a collection of vetted corporate members who have proven themselves to be accessible, inclusive, and neurodivergent in their workplace culture, practices, and systems

One of the perks available to Founding Members is free access to be a member of this directory, build a profile, and engage with it.  This will allow me to survey members for feedback to continually improve the app, and will provide a free resource to members!


Why Mindset & Entrepreneurship?

The journey of entrepreneurship will find, test, and  stretch every vulnerable corner of our being.

Don’t believe me?  Ask any entrepreneur who is historically undercapitalized and underresourced and they will tell you the same!

There are also unique mindset matters we deal with as late-identified Autistic and ADHDers–around money, around worthiness, around our abilities, around our effectiveness, around our human connections.  Mind trash can hold us back from being great.  It can be louder than the truth, it can make us feel like an impostor, it can destroy our dreams.

What we think and believe about ourselves and money, innovation, ability, etc–we learn from the family who raised us, religion, society, culture, and other messaging from the systems we live in, systems of oppression.

If we do not do diligent work to explore and liberate our mindsets, it will cost us dearly in our businesses and I want you to have every opportunity to thrive, neuroDefiantly!!

So I couple mindset work with practical business building skills because I see them as inextricably interconnected.

There is something powerful when we can gather with others and share a piece of our experience and then receive the medicinal “me toos” in response.  I think these spaces are especially important for those of us who have lived most of our lives feeling like aliens or failed humans or not fitting anywhere.

If you can relate to any of that, this space is for you!


Your Facilitator

Hi!  I’m Jennifer, and my pronouns are she/they.  I am a queer, fat, Autistic & ADHD, dynamically disabled entrepreneur and Expansive Mindset Coach.  In June 2022 I retired from a 15 year career as a complex trauma therapist specializing in religious trauma & deconstruction.

In 2017 I opened my own private practice which thrived–even through pivoting to telehealth during the pandemic–for five years until I retired.  I learned a lot about business through that experience as well as through the business coaching and training I have invested in over the years.

I have been facilitating group spaces since I was a teenager organizing peer groups at school and at the camp I worked at during the summer.  In 2010 I founded a creative writing circle that I continued facilitating weekly until 2017–through this space many writers found their voice, grew in their identities, and developed deep community together.

Professionally I have created and held group space for incarcerated teens, incarcerated mothers, therapy groups for those recovering from religion, affinity groups for neurodivergent folx and queer & trans folx, and grief art process groups.

I am drawn to group work because of the power of collective care, of solidarity, of medicinal me toos, of people hearing others facing the same challenges, of celebrating ah-ha moments and breakthroughs together.


Group Dynamics

Groups can be an intimidating space, especially when we enter into a group not knowing any one else there.

Groups can be a harmful disaster when there are not specific values and agreements that are practiced and upheld.

Groups can be anxiety-provoking when they are not facilitated in a way that makes room for everyone to participate and only a few people take up all the space.

I am mindful of these possibilities and I am intentional about setting the expectations and boundaries of a group space.

In our live coaching sessions, we will spend the first 15-20min in small breakout groups with a set of questions or prompts to discuss.  This will allow for members to get to know each other in smaller group settings and build a NeuroDefiant Ecosystem that is founded on mutual respect, care, and inclusion.

After the small breakout groups, we will come together for the Question & Discovery coaching time.  Members will have the option of pre-submitting questions they’d like workshopped, or raising their hand to workshop their question or challenge live in the group.

The Content

Each live group coaching call we will be learning business and mindset essentials and working through challenges together.

Another resource available is weekly Co-working sessions which are held Mondays from 2-4pm CST over Zoom.  We have a brief check-in at the beginning where folx can share their goals for the time, and then cameras and mics off we get to work.

Many neurodivergent folx find co-working as a helpful motivation and accountability tool and it’s perfect for getting down to business with those tasks that maybe are not your favorite but gotta get done!

We will have quarterly networking events with guest speakers and opportunities to connect and engage neurodivergently!


The Culture

The NeuroDefiant Collective is a space that centers a set of community standards based on anti-oppressive, anti-racist, non-ableist, neurodivergent-affirming, growth mindset, restorative justice, and collective care.  All members must agree to abide by these values.

This is a space for growth and learning and there may be times when a gentle teaching is necessary to help others understand terms that are outdated or ableist, etc.

We do not tone-police in this space and I encourage everyone to be present with the best intentions and assume others are acting with the best intentions as well.

If there are concerns about someone’s safety, unkind behavior, disregard for our community values, please bring them to me and I will address them.

Please note, this is not a therapy group and I am not anyone’s therapist.  I am a coach and this space is considered a group coaching/social support space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is the program 12 months?

Building community, connections, and relationships takes time and investment.  When clients can come and go on a monthly basis, it makes building trust and authentic connection difficult.

I believe one of the most valuable aspects of this membership is the connections we make with each other and the neurodivergent ecosystem we are co-creating.

A year can go by quickly and I want clients to have time to make full use of the space–some months are busier than others–and being in the space for at least a year gives each person time to engage with the various courses, resources, and events at a pace that supports them.

Why Do I have to Apply to Join?

The brief application process allows me to guage an applicant’s commitment level to the membership program.

It also allows me to screen folx for those who are truly aligned with the core values of the neurodivergent ecosystem we are co-creating.

This is not meant to be an exclusionary process, just an informative process for everyone involved.

What is a Founding Member?

2023 is the first year in which I am launching this program and I am inviting early adopters to invest at a special, limited time, rate of $175/monthly – $2,100/annual investment.

Founding Members will also be honored with special edition merch that will be sent out in the first year of the program.

After the Founding Member window closes on March 31, 2023, clients will join the program at one of three pricing tiers based on the equitable pricing models of Worts + Cunning.

The total value* of the NeuroDefiant Collective group coaching program is $3,970/month or $47,640/year.

*Value refers to the investment of my time, training, knowledge, lived-experience, emotional labor, and innovation.

Are There Scholarships for NeuroDefiant Collective?

No.  I do not have scholarships available for the NeuroDefiant Collective.

There is a tiered fee scale inspired by the Wort + Cunning Apothecary sliding scale model that factors into account the variations in access, financial priviledge, and class of clients.  You can learn more about that model HERE.

What is the Referral Program?

When you register and refer a friend who registers, you both get 1 free 30-min, 1:1, laser coaching session with Jennifer as a Thank You perk!  

Each referring individual will get an additional 30-min, 1:1 laser coaching session for each friend who registers and gives their name as the referring client.

There is no cash exchange or transfer of 30-min coaching perk.

Do You Provide Refunds?

No.  There are no refunds or transfers of fees.

Online programming offers instant access to community, course material, and other resources that clients are able to immediately consume.

I stand by the value of transformation that is possible for clients who work with me.  When there is an issue or concern I invite clients to bring the matter to me so I may address it, consider where I need to make changes, and go from there.

Will the App be Open to the Public

Eventually, yes!

At this stage, in 2023, I am still in the beta testing phase so the app will be made available to only the NeuroDefiant Collective members.

Once we have built up substantial usership and have worked out any kinks, then I will open membership to the public via monthly or annual subscriptions.

What if I have More Questions?

I welcome all questions to be emailed to me at: jennifer @ ExpansiveMindsetCoaching .com

Alternatively, if you prefer to schedule a free 20min Curiosity call to talk through your questions, just click the button below to book an appointment.

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