“I am Jennifer Alumbaugh, MS (she/they) founder of Expansive Expressions.

I am here to help change the cultural narrative for late identified Autistic and ADHD founders, executives, and professionals.

I built Expansive Expressions in order to create and deliver neurodivergent business & marketing training, support systems, and business strategies so that neurodivergent entrepreneurs can build profitable and sustainable businesses.

I’m thrilled that you’re here and I can’t wait to meet you!”

Expansive Expressions specializes in equipping other late-identified Autistic and ADHD founders, executives, and professionals.  Jennifer was drawn to serve this population inspired by her own lived experiences as an AuDHD business owner.  As they navigated the business start-up process, they were moved to learn of the sheer volume of other Autistic and ADHD people who turn to entrepreneurship due to severe burnout because the mainstream working world is highly inaccessible.

Through conversations and their own lived-experience, Jennifer recognized a lack of business training and support designed by and for neurodivergent entrepreneurs.  This matters because neurodivergent people have exquisitly unique ways of being, thinking, working, and connecting in the world.  Sadly, without business support systems that work WITH our brains, many neurodivergent entrepreneurs struggle with sustainability and profitability.

In October 2017, Jennifer founded her first business, A Space to Thrive, as a private therapy and consulting practice.  This business did indeed thrive as Jennifer walked with hundreds of clients navigating healing through complex trauma.

In 2021, at 42 years old, Jennifer experienced her awakening to her Autistic-ADHD identity.  Coming into this identity was the result of many conversations with clients exploring their various neurodivergences as well as years of study Jennifer invested into the neurolandscape of brains that have survived years, even decades of complex trauma.  Though they were beginning to see connections to Autistic-ADHD identity in 2017, they did not realize this truth fully until 2020.

This new knowledge about how her brain works changed Jennifer’s whole world. In June 2022, she retired from a 15 year career as a complex trauma therapist to rebrand her business as Expansive Expressions which brings neuroinclusion to Executive Consulting and Business Coaching.

Who are you learning from?

Who are you watching?

The Lineage of my Methodology


There are so many people and books that have brought me to where I am today in my practices, growth, learning, and becoming. Without them, none of this work would be possible, and not all of the healing work I’ve done would have been done. This is a living document, a work in progress, and most definitely not an exhaustive list, and still it is an attempt to show who and where I come from, and in doing so, honor with deepest gratitude my teachers and mentors.

I come from Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural, one of the most formative communities and places of my life. I come from Trini and Luis Rodriguez, soul parents, mentors, guides, and friends. I come from the Tongva lands, the mountains and ocean and sage bundles that formed me.

I learn from the teachers: Patrisse Cullors, adrienne maree brown, Audre Lorde, bell hooks, Robert Jones, Jr., Sonya Renee Taylor, Renee Linklater, Ibram X Kendi, Resmaa Menakem, Kelly Diels, Alice Wong, Dr. S. H. Moon, Tiffy Hammond, Melody Li & Inclusive Therapists, Lindley Ashlin, Kina Reed, J Mase III, Geo Soctomah Neptune, Imani Barbarin, KC Davis, Ijeoma Oluo, Sonny Jane Wise, Tabitha Brown, Kimberlé W. Crenshaw, Rachel Rodgers, Trudi Lebron, Tricia Hersey and more.

I listen to the poets: ire’ne lara silva, Rosalilia Mendoza, Kristy Lovich, Saddiq Granger, DeShauna Hollie, Sammy Quetzalli, Ceasar K. Avelar, Edward Vidaurre, Vincent Cooper, Viktoria Valenzuela, Audrey Kelley, Liz Ligawa, Katie Gordon, Becky Fox, Sasha, Maya Chincilla, Chiwan Choi, Andrea Gibson, nayyirah waheed, Mary Lambert, Mary Oliver, Xitlalic Guijosa, Sha’rol Henning, jo reyes boitel


I watch the artists, the musicians, the storytellers creating culture



I consult Trees, Wind, and Ocean they are my wise counsel



I listen to my heart, that most ancient drum, the vibrations of all things that have been and are and will be

Education and Experience:



    • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Texas & California since 2016
      • Both licenses are in good standing, current, and are inactive; expiration: 5/2024
      • Complex Systems Trauma Specialist since 2007
    • Master of Science: Marriage and Family Therapy – Fuller School of Psychology; Pasadena, CA
    • Bachelor of Arts: Theology – Calvin College; Grand Rapids, MI

Akesa – Doggess of the Healing Process

Vice President of Naps and Shenanigans

“When I’m not holding space to grow and care with others, I am taking naps with my trusty side-kick, Akesa, Doggess of the Healing Process; making a mess in my art studio; trying to psyche myself up to do some chores; or outside looking at the Moon and listening to the Wind.” – Jennifer

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