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Beware the difficult person
we lurk in hallways, offices, on your social media pages
asking questions
dreaming new worlds
building new systems
holding accountable, those who have had free reign, for too long


Beware the difficult person
we won’t laugh at your not-joke
we won’t play along tidy and obedient
we won’t just let it go


Beware the difficult person
we don’t recognize authority that isn’t earned
we don’t follow rules that have no purpose or integrity
we don’t value your comfort over Truth


Continually learning, growing, striving to know and do better
you will not find us compliant with your
“We’ve always done it this way,” and your
“Because I said so,” and your
“That’s just how it/he/she/they is/are”


Beware the difficult person
becoming into the fullness of our identity
becoming into the fullness of our power
becoming into the fullness of our purpose


Beware the difficult person
refusing masks that only serve your comfort
being unmoved by your pearl-clutching performances
no longer laboring exploited for your benefit


Beware the difficult person
who won’t scroll past your racism
your misogyny
your ableism
your hate
your violence
your willful ignorance


Beware the difficult person
who disrupts your homeostasis
who brings new perspective
who is unapologetically defiant
who tells you their pronouns
who invites you to use new language
who exists in multiple, intersecting, dimensions of being
who just wants to survive life long enough for the chance to thrive


jen alumbaugh – a difficult person

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