Nglcc Business Enterprise

Expansive Expressions is a proud

LGBT Certified Business Enterprise®

What is a Certified Business Enterprise?


A Certified Business Enterprise is a designation given to businesses that meet all of the qualifications to be certified as a diverse supplier including being 51% owned by a historically underrepresented identity.

Expansive Expressions is a 100% LGBT, Women, and Disabled-owned business (we’re working on the other two certifications).

There are certifications for LGBT-owned, Women-owned, Minority-owned, Veteran-owned, Disabled-0wned, and Small Business Enterprises.

When businesses commit to integrating diverse suppliers in their procurment of goods and services for the company, you are practicing inclusive, diverse, and innovative business strategies.

The benefits of contracting a certified business enterprise diversity supplier include: standing out to customers & prospective employees as a socially conscious business; improving market share, increasing company flexibility, and boosting competition among a business’s suppliers.

Inclusive supply chains reflect your company’s commitment to social responsibility and is a boost to your bottom line!

In addition to the benefits for you, working with diverse suppliers invigorates small businesses which assist in the growth, recovery, and sustainability of economic prosperity.

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