You are worthy of a highly skilled coach & consultant by your side.

We are here to:

  • Collaborate with you to strategize your plans
  • Develop customized systems for YOUR brain
  • Streamline processes
  • Break goals down into step-by-step guides
  • Keep you focused on your path
  • Be an innovative though-partner
  • Remind you to silence bullying beliefs
  • Celebrate every win along side you


Expansive Expressions delivers premium Coaching and Consulting starting at the following investment points

We use a tiered pricing structure for our community and coaching memberships as a way to offer more equitable and accessible options.  You can read more about the system below.

NeuroDefiant Community Membership: 

      • Platinum Tier
        • Annual fee: $1,296
        • Monthly fee: $108
      • Gold Tier
        • Annual fee: $864
        • Monthly fee: $72
      • Diamond Tier
        • Annual fee: $432
        • Monthly fee: $36

NeuroDefiant Collective: Coaching & Community for Neurodivergent & Disabled entrepreneurs and professionals

    •  Platinum Tier: + 1x monthly 50min 1:1 coaching
      • Monthly fee: $497
      • Annual fee: $5,964
    • Gold Tier: + 1x monthly 30min 1:1 coaching
      • Monthly fee: $347
      • Annual fee: $4,164
    • Diamond Tier
      • Monthly fee: $247
      • Annual fee: $2,964

1-Time Strategy Sessions or Consulting starting at:

    • 50 minutes: $325
    • 85 minutes: $400
    • Ongoing customized retainer packages available upon request

As always, please do what *best* suits you and your budget. There will be opportunities for you to join these programs (or new ones) during another cycle in the future. This is not your only/last chance.

Sometimes a program is just the right thing at the wrong time. That’s ok, trust yourself and honor your financial boundaries.

Expansive Expressions Group Coaching Investment Tiers


  • Platinum – The Pay-it-Forward Tier
    • This tier is for those who are thriving financially in the 6-7 figures annually range
    • You own property, have steady income, can buy new items without strain, and travel / vacation at least 1x/year.
    • You have the means to comfortably pay it forward to invest in community.
    • You have big goals to grow your vision beyond what you ever imagined is possible, you’ve come so far carving out your own path and you’re ready to level up with an ambitious neurodivergent community by your side!
  • Gold The Sustainability Tier
    • This tier is for those who have a steady income and are maybe paying down debt and building a savings fund.
    • You might need to skip a few of the extras to make this investment.
    • You have occasional financial stress but you have resources and access to financial support from friends and family.
    • You’re ready to launch that product or business, you’re ready to release that book, you’re ready to scale your business to the next level and this investment will be your scafolding in the process.
  • Diamond The Make It Happen Tier
    • This tier is for those who are scraping it together to make it happen.
    • You have little to no financial support system and little expendable income.
    • You have less flexibility in your budget and would not otherwise be able to access this kind of support without tiered pricing.
    • You are determined to realize your dreams and this investment will help you get there.

Ultimately, this model works on trust.  We are not here to police your finances and do not ever ask for proof of your situation.

Please consider your position thoughtfully and understand that if you register at a lower rate when you could actually afford a higher tier, know you are removing access for someone who would truly benefit from the reduced rate.

If you have questions or ideas about a different payment schedule, please reach out to us, we’re happy to chat with you.

Refund Policy:

There are no refunds or transfers on coaching packages. Sessions that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be deducted from total time and may not be made up. Please be mindful of these policies when selecting your services.



As a queer, neurodivergent-founded business, Expansive Expressions embodies identities that are historically excluded and undercapitalized. 

This means that we are self-financing this business out of cash flow.  When clients are able to pay full fees up front it is a tremendous help which we appreciate deeply. 

And also, we understand when it is just not possible to make a lump sum payment, so we offer monthly investment plan options.

If you have a different or extended payment plan in mind, please talk with us, Expansive Expressions will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Expansive Expressions does not charge extra for payment plans.  That structure is inequitable, predatory, and exploitative.

Expansive Expression fees are a reflection of our years of experience, training, expertise, and our commitment to continued growth.

Yes! We have coaches too!

Whatever your path, flexible investment structures are available so you can focus on your goals!

Coaching with Jennifer is tailored to your unique needs, goals, and learning/motivation style.

We work together to assess your strengths so we can create strategies you can use daily to make the movement in your life you’ve been longing for.

Sometimes that looks like downloadable worksheets, schedules, or check-lists; sometimes that might look like a journaling prompt; sometimes it’s a virtual white board brainstorm session; sometimes it’s a series of text messages to pump you up and keep you on track.


We are invested in seeing you become your whole most authentic self, experience the liberation of becoming, and thrive into the joyful life you are dreaming for yourself.

Realizing your dreams, launching programs, opening an online shop are all courageous undertakings! 


You are worthy of the investment of our time, expertise, training, knowledge, and guidance.

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