NeuroInclusive Coaching

with Expansive Expressions


You are brilliant.

You see the entire constellation of connections between things.

Your mind works FAST and you spend precious time waiting for others to catch up…and too often they don’t.

You identify the problem and innovate solutions as naturally as breathing.

And yet…

There’s something about those pesky administrative tasks that trip you up.

The sudden appearance of an unexpected meeting on your calendar sends you into a tailspin.

You know exactly what needs to be done, it’s just the “how” that eludes you.

You deserve to have systems that help you thrive, not bog you down.


You deserve coaching support that understands and works WITH your brain, not against it.


You deserve coaching support that is designed by and for neurodivergent professionals.


You deserve Expansive Expressions NeuroInclusive Coaching.

Our clients receive premium 1:1 attention, bespoke systems, and custom designed plans along with guidance every step of the way as you implement new practices.

Our coaches provide high caliber strategy in project and task management, delegation, streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, boundary setting & maintenance, leadership development, and building systems of sustainability.

While we cannot promise specific outcomes, Expanisve Expressions is committed to you seeing a return on investment in your quality of life, honoring your needs and desires, sustainability in your career, and strategies for building wealth.


What would an amazing year look like for you?


This space is about YOU
Working with YOU
Centering YOUR needs and ideas
In the way that YOU and YOUR brain work
At the pace that is right for YOU
In a style that plays to YOUR strengths.

(And if you being the center of attention is a challenging thought, we’ll work through that as well)!

1:1 NeuroInclusive Business Coaching Includes:

    • 4 – 50 minute 1:1 Executive Coaching sessions each month
    • Asynchronous text, messaging, or Voxer support between live sessions – 24hour response time during office hours
    • Bespoke strategy designed exactly for you and your brain
    • Customized worksheets, exercises, and practices
    • Step-by-step Implementation guides
    • Membership in NeuroDefiant Collective Group Coaching
    • Weekly co-working sessions
    • Monthly NeuroDefiant Community Circle
    • Access to pop-up networking events
    • Access to Masterclasses and Workshops
    • Premium access to our highly experienced Executive Business Coaches guiding you on a proven path to build sustainable, accessible, and profitable businesses & careers


  • Three Months: $7,500
  • Six Months: $15,500
  • Twelve Months: $32,000

Monthly Payment Plans available at no additional charge.

If there are program customizations, your coach will review the adjusted pricing with you on your 2nd call.

There are no refunds or transfers on payments made to Expansive Expressions.

“Sure this sounds amazing and exactly what I am looking for…but I don’t think I can afford that.”

We hear this a lot.  In fact, we have said that to ourselves a time or two in the past.

We want to validate that this is a normal and common thought to have.

And also we want to provide you tools and opportunity to solve this problem, rather than you missing out on getting the support and guidance you need and want.

We have prepared a guide of ways to find funding for Business Development Services.  

We also invite you to schedule a free curiosity call with us to talk through any money mindset stuff that is coming up for you.  This call is not to pressure you into signing on, but to give you concrete tools to think through your relationship with money and notice where there are spaces to embrace abundance, in place of holding onto scarcity scars.

Embodied NeuroInclusion

Investigate –> Inventory –> Innovate –> Implement –> 


Pictured above is an image of a Fibonacci spiral in gold on a deep blue background.  There are dark purple circles behind the spiral that hold text.  Light aqua arrows are going from the inside of the spiral out and around (counter-clockwise) showing the direction of movement and expansion.  This image reflects the framework Expansive Expressions uses to guide clients in building sustainable and profitable neurodivergent businesses and careers.


All coaching with Expansive Expressions is built around our signature framework of Embodied NeuroInclusion developed by Jennifer Alumbaugh, MS and honed over her 15-year career as a therapist and coach.

Our framework is based on the Golden Ratio spiral which is a form found in nature all around us.  Most commonly associated with the nautilus shell.

This design guides the expansiveness of our work as we move from the center outward finding more and more space as we grow and repeating the process like cycles of seasons.  We come back to same actions, but we are no longer the same in our next iteration, and therefore, we have new things to learn and practice at each stage.

No process of becoming is linear and we don’t become all at once.  Grounding ourselves in Autistic – ADHD – neurodivergent identity is expansive.  Building a business that is inclusive, accessible, and affirming of that identity is expansive.  Moving forward in a career that makes room for us to be and think and work in ways aligned with our neurodivergence is expansive.

Using this framework gives us a skeletal structure to guide our coaching process while simultaneously affording the necessary spaciousness for our coaches to customize their work with each unique client.

Because each of our clients have unique strengths and challenges, we design custom NeuroInclusive Coaching packages for you.

The very first step you will take is to Apply to Work with Us.  This is simply to have you answer the questions below so that we can maximize our initial consult time on our Curiosity Call.

After you’ve submitted your application and been invited to schedule your Curiosity Call, we’ll chat for 10-20 minutes to see if we’re the righ fit.  We’ll go over questions from your application such as:

      • Why now?  Why Expansive Expressions?
      • Tell me about your work
      • What’s missing or broken?
      • What do you need?
      • What investment of time and money are you ready to make to get the outcomes you desire?

Because this initial call it designed to see IF we can help and if so HOW we can help, one of two things will happen next.

If your goals and our services do not align or this is not the right time, we’ll be clear about that and help point you in the direction of other resources that might better suit your needs.

If your goals and our services DO align, we will schedule another call with you, this time for 45 minutes, so we can strategize the HOW of helping you achieve your desired outcomes.  You will walk away from this call with a plan for your next steps.

During this second call, we’ll dig in more deeply so we can learn more about:

      • Your specific goals
      • Your unique circumstances
      • Your strengths and assets
      • The challenges and roadblocks

With this information we can design a custom plan for how we will amplify your strengths in order to remove bottlenecks.

While you’ll get valuable feedback, this call is focused on you gathering the info you need to say an informed and enthusiastic YES to working with us!

Expansive Expressions is committed to consent-based, transparent marketing.  We will never manipulate pain points or coerce you into investing in our services.  If we determine we are not the best fit, we will be clear about that and provide you with referrals.  Our top goal is for you to have exactly the kind of support you need–if that is with us, excellent!  If it is with someone else, wonderful!


Aligned relationships are a core value of Expansive Expressions.

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