An Exclusive Online Community for Subscription Members to Gather, Share, Support, and Practice Collective Care

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I am so excited to share this brand new feature that I have added to the monthly subscription package benefits for each person who registers for our Peer Support and Process Circles.

For every live circle, I have created your own private online community space where you can continue the connections, conversation, and caring that begins in the live online circles. This allows for the work and the building of relationships to continue outside the live meeting space and hopefully grow into solid communities of care we can count on in these distressing and isolating times.

When you register for any monthly subscription, you will immediately receive an invitation to join your specific group. This space is powered by Mighty Networks and is just ours! There is a large community space where members from all the circles can post and engage as well as separate private spaces for each circle.

I have worked hard to create opportunities for connection, vulnerability, and emotional intimacy despite our gathering from far and wide across the internet. It is my deepest hope that these private online communities are accessible, fun, meaningful, and nurturing spaces for all of us.

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