Your VIP session will be invigorating, fruitful, and  expansive.

Expansive VIP Sessions


Expansive VIP Sessions are not only about the Very Important Person who you are, but also about your Vision, Innovation, and Purpose.

Vision – the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination and wisdom

Innovation – a new idea, method, or device : the introduction of something new

Purpose – the reason for which something is done or created or for which something/someone exists

This is your opportunity to get premium access to Neuroinclusive Business and Executive Coaching for 30 days.


Expansive VIP Sessions are a robust time that is laser focused only on you and your goals.


It is when you move your ideas from “some day” thoughts into right now action.


Maximize the benefits of guidance and accountability to move through stuck stages and make sh*t happen!

In Their Own Words :: Client Testimonials

Working with Jennifer was great! Being neurodivergent, Jennifer understood how my brain could go full speed in multiple directions at the same time. She helped me see my strength and my unique business approach informed by my neurodivergence. I felt like Jennifer understood me in a way that other coaches haven’t. I felt heard and appreciated, which was as important as the tangible outcomes.

I went to her with a chaotic collection of ideas and random thoughts about what makes my business unique. Jennifer listened to me talk and go off on passionate tangents. Then she took everything I said, and simplified it into themes that I can now use to explain my approach, promote my business, and share what makes me unique.

This will be useful on my website, in my bio, on social media and on sales pages. Each of these themes can be used as a starting point for newsletters or blog posts or on social media.

I got so much value from working with Jennifer! Not only do I have more clarity and structure, I also have ideas for content and program development.

Jennifer helped me to understand what really makes my business unique by listening and finding the themes that I couldn’t identify because I was looking in so many directions, and had so many ideas.

Jennifer Kelland

Holistic Nutrition Coach

You’ve created something so powerful here, Jennifer, in this neurodivergent-centered space. You know there is an art and science of facilitating space and some people have the science down, you create both.

This space feels “emotionally clean.” Like I don’t have to do any extra emotional labor to be present and I don’t feel depleted after. Usually I would come away from spaces like this and literally replay in a photographic memory the whole thing, hoping that I was empathic enough, hoping that I was compassionate enough, hoping that I check the neurotypical boxes and behave as expected—all unconsciously. And with this space, when my brain started to do all that it just kind of fizzled out, because I’m aware of the shared neurodivergent experience among us here.

And this is actually a space where I can show myself as is, and it’s ok, I’m enough. And that’s really powerful.”


Founder, Mental Health Professional

Hi Jennifer, 

Thank you SO much for creating space for me today. I appreciate you so much, and I feel much better after getting solid positive reframes on what was causing me emotional distress.
I also feel grateful for being able to confide in you and be vulnerable. You have a way with words, and there were a few times when it felt like you understood me at a soul level – something I’ve craved deeply but can never seem to find in personal relationships with people I’ve known my entire life. That’s HUGE. That’s a powerful gift, and I thank you for sharing it with me. 
ps. I slept so well last night, it was a deeper level of restorative sleep. Woke up with a smile on my face.  
I know our talk yesterday had something to do with it. I’m truly grateful to you, Jennifer. Your work is so important, and I truly hope the people who need you are able to find you.
Venus Aviv

Neurodivergent Learning Experience Design

Expansive VIP projects can include:

      • Speaker/Presenter Preparation
      • Building out your Signature Offer
      • Strategizing a Career/Business Pivot
      • Launching a Side-Hustle
      • Untangling Mindset Mayhem
      • Money Matters
      • Systems and Operations
      • Your Mission & Values
      • Clarifying Your Audience & Strategizing Outreach
      • Naming Your Why
      • Identifying Your Zone of Genius
      • Mapping out a Launch Strategy
      • Writing YOUR Story

Expansive VIP Sessions include:

      • 4 x 60min 1:1 Live Virtual Coaching Calls; 1 call per week
      • 30 days of unlimited asynchronous text/email support during business hours (Coach replies within 24 hours)
      • Pre-meeting questionnaire to prepare and focus our time
      • Bespoke strategy for your project
      • Customized workbooks, guides, resources, and exercises
      • Done with you services
      • Recorded sessions for review and reference
Expansive VIP Investment:
      • $4,444 :: must be used within 6 months of purchase date.
      • VIP Bundle Packages available upon request
      • Payment plans available – must be paid in full before the final session.
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