NeuroDefiant 9×9 Incubator: a year-long business & mindset coaching intensive & support system for late-identified Autistic & ADHD adults who are pre-launch or in early stages of entrepreneurship.

9×9 Incubator Packages Include:

    • 9 Live group Business/Mindset Coaching calls
    • Library of recorded coaching calls
    • Exclusive Online Community for sharing resources, goals, process, and accountability
    • Custom Downloads & Practices
    • Weekly co-working / body-doubling sessions
    • ND Networking events
    • Access to monthly social support circle for 1 year
    • Two, 30min 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Jennifer
    • A community of like-brained entrepreneurs & professionals to build,  grow, and connect with
    • A year-long membership to online community
    • Opportunity to mentor next cohort
    • Member discount on Liberate Your Mindset 2024


Founding Member rate is available for a limited time only, lock in your Founding Member rate for 2023 by registering now!

    • Founding Member Incubator fee: $2,249 annual, or
    • Monthly payments: $187/month, 12 months minimum commitment
      • Standard Incubator fee: $5,395
      • Standard Monthly fee: $449
    • Limited scholarships available

Coaching Focus Includes:

    • Business Basics
    • Mindset Cleanse
    • Mapping your goals
    • Working with our Neurodivergence
    • Money, Pricing, and Worthiness – Oh My!
    • Aligned professional relationships
    • Mission, vision, and “I help…” statements
    • Write your story
    • Creating Sustainability

Spring cycle begins March 2, 2023; must apply by February 20, 2023

Are you a late-identified Autistic and/or ADHD entrepreneur looking to connect with others on a similar journey of navigating neurodivergence while building a business that is sustainable and works WITH your brain?

I designed the 9×9 Incubator especially for you!

This experience is for those who have not yet launched their business but want to, those who have launched and are in early stages, and those who have been in business as a side-gig ready to grow to full-income.

My vision for this space is that through connection, coaching, and learning business essentials, we can build a strong community of neurodivergent entrepreneurs because together, we thrive!

I came to focus on this population inspired both by my own experiences as a business owner and moved by the sheer volume of Autistic and ADHD people who turn to entrepreneurship because the mainstream working world overall is not accessible or inclusive to neurodivergent people and our ways of being, thinking, and connecting in the world.

Statistics for employment of Autistic and ADHD people are grim: in the US, “at least 85% of adults that are autistic are unemployed and have a college (or higher) education.” and of those who are employed full-time, autistic employees make an average of $8.08 an hour.  Even though research reflects a higher degree of speed, productivity, and intellectual capacity among neurodivergent employees, the sustainability is low due to pressure to mask performing neurotypicality and lack of accommodating workplaces.

Additionally, though the research reflects such high performance, culturally Autism and ADHD are still perceived as intellectual disabilities which perpetuate a stigma of incompetence.  This stigma then continues to block Autistic and ADHD entrepreneurs and professionals from accessing capital, entrepreneurial opportunities, and business support systems abundantly available to neurotypical business owners.  The vast majority of late or under-identified Autistic and ADHD adults are Black, Indigenous, Women, girls, and gender expansive people resulting in a dynamic of being simultaneously under-resourced and abundantly over-qualified as entrepreneurs and professionals.



I am here to help transform culture for all of us late-identified Autistic and ADHD entrepreneurs.


I want to gather and create the resources and support systems we need to help us thrive in business and in life.


I want there to be places–designed by us and for us–where we can learn how to start, sustain, and scale our businesses, neurodivergently.


I want us all to have more.


The Structure

Each Incubator cohort will have no more than 9 members so that we can really dig in to the work and so I can give each member attention.

There will be 9 group coaching sessions where we will learn liberated mindset and business practices and work through clients’ challenges together.  Live coaching calls will occur every-other week giving each client time to work on that particular mindset matter and business task between coaching sessions.

This package also includes two 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with me, Jennifer.  One will be at the beginning of the program so I can get to know your goals, your fears, your challenges, and your strengths–there will be pre-work available to complete so clients are ready for this session.  The second 1:1 session will be toward the end of the program to reflect on where you started and where you are now.

At 6 months in, a new cohort will begin their coaching and the elder cohort will have the opportunity to become mentors to the incoming cohort (only as desired).  I find that having opportunities to teach what we have learned helps us synthesize the materials and as building communities of collective care is central to my mission, it is another way for entrepreneurs to build their network.

I encourage cohorts to stay in the incubator space for 1 year to have an opportunity to engage with all the material as much as needed–each coaching call will be recorded and added to the course materials for re-watch, the online community serves as a central hub of relationship building and resource sharing, and in my personal experience of coaching programs, while 1 year can seem like a long time, with the realities of life it goes by in a flash!

The Content

Each live group coaching call we will be learning business and mindset essentials and working through challenges together.

Another resource available is weekly Co-working sessions which are held Mondays from 2-4pm CST over Zoom.  We have a brief check-in at the beginning where folx can share their goals for the time, and then cameras and mics off we get to work.

Many neurodivergent folx find co-working as a helpful motivation and accountability tool and it’s perfect for getting down to business with those tasks that maybe are not your favorite but gotta get done!


Your Facilitator

Hi!  I’m Jennifer, and my pronouns are she/they.  I am a queer, fat, Autistic & ADHD, disabled entrepreneur and Expansive Mindset Coach.  In June 2022 I retired from a 15 year career as a complex trauma therapist specializing in religious trauma & deconstruction.

In 2017 I opened my own private practice which thrived–even through pivoting to telehealth during the pandemic–for five years until I retired.  I learned a lot about business through that experience as well as through the business coaching and training I have invested in over the years.


Why Mindset & Entrepreneurship?

The journey of entrepreneurship will find, test, and  stretch every vulnerable corner of our being. 

Don’t believe me?  Ask any entrepreneur who is historically undercapitalized and underresourced and they will tell you the same!

There are also unique mindset matters we deal with as late-identified Autistic and ADHDers–around money, around worthiness, around our abilities, around our effectiveness, around our human connections.  Mind trash can hold us back from being great.  It can be louder than the truth, it can make us feel like an impostor, it can destroy our dreams.

What we think and believe about ourselves and money, innovation, ability, etc–we learn from the family who raised us, religion, society, culture, and other messaging from the systems we live in, systems of oppression.

If we do not do diligent work to explore and liberate our mindsets, it will cost us dearly in our businesses and I want you to have every opportunity to thrive, neuroDefiantly!!

So I couple mindset work with practical business building skills because I see them as inextricably interconnected. 

There is something powerful when we can gather with others and share a piece of our experience and then receive the medicinal “me toos” in response.  I think these spaces are especially important for those of us who have lived most of our lives feeling like aliens or failed humans or not fitting anywhere.

If you can relate to any of that, this space is for you!


The Culture

The NeuroDefiant 9×9 Incubator is a space that centers a set of community standards based on anti-oppressive, anti-racist, non-ableist, neurodivergent-affirming, growth mindset, restorative justice, and collective care.  All members must agree to abide by these values.

This is a space for growth and learning and there may be times when a gentle teaching is necessary to help others understand terms that are outdated or ableist, etc.

We do not tone-police in this space and I encourage everyone to be present with the best intentions and assume others are acting with the best intentions as well.

If there are concerns about someone’s safety, unkind behavior, disregard for our community values, please bring them to me and I will address them.

Please note, this is not a therapy group and I am not anyone’s therapist.  I am a coach and this space is considered a group coaching/social support space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I have to Apply?

I have created an application for this program because I want to be sure that the folx who are joining the cohort are ready to learn, are committed to investing the time and financial resources, and are a fit with the values of the coaching space I create.

I want to protect the program and its members.

What is a Founding Member Rate?

2023 is the first year in which I am launching this program.  To honor the fact that this is a new program and there will be inevitable kinks to work out along the way, I want to reward those who are helping me build this amazing project.

I am charging a fee because I value the time, experience, training, and self that I bring to this space–even as it is a work in progress.

Who are the Scholarships for?
For each 9×9 Incubator cycle there are two 50% scholarships and two 75% scholarships.  These scholarships are awarded on a first come, first served basis.
Priority for scholarships are given to Black, Indigenous, People of Global Majority, women, gender expansive folx, queer, fat, and disabled applicants.

I am offering a limited number of scholarships for several reasons:

  • Many late-identified Autistic / ADHD folx are of multiply underresourced identities
  • For many of us, we are starting our businesses with passion, elbow grease, sweat equity, and cash we can scrape together
  • A core value of my business is rooted in the liberatory principle that a rising tide lifts all boats, or as Lilla Watson states:

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” -Lilla Watson


Do You Provide Refunds?

No.  There are no refunds or transfers of fees.

Online programming offers instant access to community, course material, and other resources that clients are able to immediately consume.

I stand by the value of transformation that is possible for clients who work with me.  When there is an issue or concern I invite clients to bring the matter to me so I may address it, consider where I need to make changes, and go from there.

What if I have More Questions?

I welcome all questions to be emailed to me at:

Alternatively, if you prefer to schedule a free 20min Curiosity call to talk through your questions, just click the button below to book an appointment.

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