We are developing a mobile directory app which will make it easy for businesses to find and hire neurodivergent talent; for professionals to network neurodivergently; and for individuals to find neurodivergent providers such as doctors, dentists, attorneys, therapists, and more!

Larger companies will have the opportunity to apply to be evaluated for accessibility and neuroinclusion and once vetted, will be able to enjoy top billing in the directory listings.

NeuroNetwork App

After listening to clients over the past 15 years and especially in the last 3 years, we are excited to announce the next focus of our product developmen: creating the NeuroNetwork App.

This mobile app is a directory connecting neurodivergent talent with inclusive businesses verified as neurodivergent-affirming and accessible workplaces, as well as workforce training and learning for employers by neurodivergent talent.

The NeuroNetwork App will also enable neurodivergent entrepreneurs, businesses, professionals, and individuals to connect, market, refer, contract, network, and hire neurodivergent candidates.

Neurodivergent professionals looking for work will also be able to connect with other neurodivergent business owners and companies in the app.

Ideally, Expansive Expressions is creating the NeuroNetwork app with a social justice lens and intends it to be free for individual users while charging businesses and corporations a subscription fee. 

Why Build an App?

Neurodivergent businesses market, strategize, and are structured differently and therefore need resources and models designed specifically by us and for us.

Mobile apps, in general, are accessible tools and Expansive Expressions seeks to innovate the most efficient way for neurodivergent businesses, future employees, and consumers to connect.

Based on market research and validation with clients, with increased visibility, the directory memberships will flourish and so will our community.

Cultivating community and collective care are at the very heart of Expansive Expression’s mission because we believe our collective liberation and thriving is bound up with each other.

We are excited about the work, offer a wealth of experience to share, and have expansive plans for changing the world, neurodivergently!

Expansive Expressions is a mission-driven social enterprise founded in 2017 that equips neurodivergent adults to build sustainable, profitable, and accessible businesses and careers.

As a queer, neurodivergent-founded company we specialize in delivering high caliber Executive Consulting and Business Coaching to neurodivergent founders, executives, and professionals. 

Our vision is to be a global leader in training, launching, and sustaining neurodivergent-affirming businesses and workplaces.

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