3 Biz Blooming Tips

Dear Expansioneers,

When you think of a business name, register that domain name and secure social media handles.

Even if you’re not ready for next steps, this ensures you have the digital space reserved for when you are ready!

This can also serve to be an early tangible step toward launching your business, program, or project.

Sometimes starting a business can feel overwhelming or too far away a goal to make real. I love to encourage my clients to take small steps today toward your dreams, these small steps can serve to affirm your vision and embolden your journey.

Also, it’s a good idea to do a quick trademark search on the federal website to be sure that:

  • You don’t accidentally use a name already registered to someone else and face legal repercussions, and
  • So you know you’re free and clear to use the name you want

I don’t recommend registering a trademark until you are absolutely sure that is the name you want to use and you’ve market-tested it out.

Things like social media handles are free to obtain and registering domain names is relatively inexpensive anywhere from $3 – $15 for a 1-year registration. (you will still need to sort out hosting, but you can do that later).

You may end up with a collection of domains you don’t ever use, so you can just get rid of them once you know you won’t use it. Rather have what you don’t need, than miss out on the perfect domain name for waiting!


I love helping big dream people make concrete moves toward their entrepreneurial dreams!

Jennifer Alumbaugh, MS

Want to Boost Your Biz Blooming Practices?

If you’re starting a new business…or dreaming of launching one and looking for support for the process, I’d love to chat with you to see if we’re a good fit. I share more about what my coaching looks like here, and here.

I love helping people get their ideas off the ground.  So many times we think, “If I could just get to X THEN I could start my business,” and I believe in the mindset of “What is 1 think I can do TODAY to begin making this dream real.”

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