Expansive Mindset Coaching


I help people harmed by toxic systems embody expansiveness by rooting out bullying beliefs and creating better boundary practices.

In settings of 1-on-1 sessions and peer processing circles, I help clients identify and deconstruct the bullying beliefs that harm systemically and somatically, and I guide you as together we build new systems of collective care that usher you into liberation so you can do the work that changes lives and gives you joy!

I coach from a trauma-informed, lived-experience, abolitionist framework helping clients identify and deconstruct the teachings of oppressive systems that create obstacles to their growth. Together, we co-create new systems of collective care, joy, and thriving!


Personalized, Accessible Mindset Coaching

All sessions are virtual & available worldwide

I offer appointments in packages that include live Zoom meetings, messaging support, downloads, and a program tailored to fit each clients’ needs and goals.

As your Expansive Mindset Coach, I am:

A thought partner


An accountability buddy


A cheer leader


A pep-talk-giver

A champion of your cause and purpose


A hype person. A dust-you-off-and-get-you-back-out-there-again companion


A nurturing nudge out of your comfort zone


A total word-nerd and forms junkie

A mirror showing you who you truly are (hint: you’re magnificent!)


An advocate


An assistant


A guide

Expansive Mindset Coaching Areas of Focus

These are some of the ways I am currently working with my coaching clients who are entrepreneurs, artists, healing practitioners, survivors, Autistics, ADHDers, parents, partners, change-makers, decolonizers, LGBTQIA2S, keynote speakers, and more!

Creative Coaching

Helping artists, writers, and creatives identify, map, and move toward goals with confidence and curiosity.

Big Dreamers

Helping visionaries move from idea to tangible outcomes whether in personal projects, community engagement, entrepreneurship, and more!

Becoming Yourself

Support and encouragement around becoming your whole, authentic, self. Practicing taking up space, unsilencing yourself, being unapologetic in who you are and how you move through the world.

Soul Maintenance

Have you done the bulk of your healing therapy work and want a space to check in and maintain the wellness you have worked so hard to create?  I offer accountability, resource reminders, encouragement, and sounding board as you utilize all the tools of your therapy journey in your life moving forward.

Exploring Identity

Supporting folks as they explore, try out, be curious about, and become their whole authentic selves. Many folks coming out of toxic religion are doing the work of learning who they are without all the imposed roles and identities of their upbringing. I especially love serving folks who are coming into their queer and gender expansive identities.

Autistic / ADHD Coaching

Body doubling, time-management systems, organization, hacks and apps, for adults who have been late-identified as ADHD and/or Austistic.

Body Liberation

From the perspective of this queer, fat, exvangelical, I can absolutely tell you that the relationship we have with our bodies absolutely is a product of white body supremacy, purity culture, and toxic religion.

I love helping folks find and make liberation for themselves and their bodies; it is a joy to hold space for people to give themselves permission to experience and enjoy pleasure, reclaiming the sensuality of self, and forming deep attachment and partnership with one’s own body.

Expansive Mindset Coach - Training

Helping licensed professionals think through divesting from licensure, imagining new ways of participating in collective care, working with businesses and organizations to abolish patterns and systems of oppression and replace them with systems of care, sustainability, reciprocity, and abundance.

Helping businesses, organizations, and collectives learn and maintain Inclusive, Divergent, Equitable, & Accessible practices and culture.

Boundaries Coaching

Helping clients harmed by toxic systems embody expansiveness by rooting out bullying beliefs and learning healthy boundary practices.

Grief and Loss Coaching

Complex bereavement.  Ambiguous grief.  Ongoing loss.

Not all losses are experienced by death. Sometimes we lose people through estranged relationships. Sometimes friendships end. Divorce or break-ups can bring up grief. The loss of a beloved pet. The loss of ability or degrees of wellness. Loss of material things and a sense of safety after a fire, robbery, natural disaster, political conflict.

Loss shows up in so many parts of our life and you are worthy of a space to process all the kinds of your grief and walk through this season with someone who has lived-experience with grief and will sit with you for as long as it takes.

I invest in myself so that I show up as my best self for those moments when you step up and invest in YOURself. 

Are you ready to Make (sh)It Happen?

You’ve held these ideas for a long time.

You’re curious about parts of yourself coming to light.

You are great at making boundaries…but have trouble keeping them when Boundary Busters come along.

You are an artist and want to take the leap into setting up an online commerce market.

You’ve been held back by society, fears, and imposter mindset.


It’s Your Time Now!

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