Dates for each monthly Replenish will be released on the registration page.

Welcome to Replenish!


Join Jennifer Alumbaugh, MS for a monthly Masterclass series supporting Highly Sensitive and Neurodivergent Leaders, Founders, Executives, and Professionals coping with Burnout.

Series Topics include:

  • Protective Practices to address Executive Burnout
  • NeuroInclusive Accommodations for Sustainability
  • Boundaries for Masked and Unmasked Interactions (ND masking; not Covid masking though that is likely applicable as well!)

Each Masterclass is:

  • 1 hour
  • Online via Zoom
  • Content varies each month
  • No cost
  • Recorded

Recording link will be available for 30 days to all registrants.

You are an incredible leader.

Your vision, insight, and integrity place you head and shoulders above your counterparts.

Your empathy connects you in authentic relationships.

Your capacity for joy shows in your creative outlets and innovative strategies.

Your mind is magnificent thinking at warp speed, solving challenges, and seeing patterns in the systems around you.

You lead with passion, purpose, and poise and earn the respect of those around you.

And also.

The weight of exhaustion, of stress, of the suffering of others is bearing down on you, holding you back from truly soaring.

The qualities that make us excellent leaders can also be vulnerable to exploitation and misuse by those who would rather siphon off our strength, than collaborate with us.

I see you, and I honor your weariness.


According to the 2022-2023 AFLAC Workplace Study,

More than half (59%) of all American workers currently face at least moderate levels of burnout, a significant increase over 2021 (52%) – on par with the levels of burnout reported in 2020 at the height of
the COVID-19 pandemic.

And yet, employers are no more likely this year (45%) than last year (43%) to view burnout as a problem for their organization.

Neurodivergent and Highly Sensitive individuals are at even higher risk for burnout due to experiencing more intense sensory input, stress, and disregulation from inaccessible environments.

If employers are not bearing the responsibility for addressing burnout, then we are left to find independent sources of support and intervention.

Expansive Expressions developed Replenish Monthly Masterclass series to deliver a set of Protective Practices participants can add to their Burnout First Aid Kit.

As a retired complex trauma therapist of 15 years, Jennifer Alumbaugh, MS has a rich body of experience including clinical training on burnout and lived experience moving through debilitating burnout into a thriving space.  They have spoken on leadership burnout & compassion fatigue at conferences and has provided professional development training and consultation to agencies and businesses across Texas.

Replenish participants will walk away with concrete actions you can take to protect your time, energy, and mental space.  You will also learn about how you can work with Expansive Expressions in 1:1 Executive Coaching to receive high-touch, premium, and customized guidance and support in healing from and transforming after burnout.


Are you ready to be Replenished? 



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